Golden Grid System – A Base For Creating Responsive Designs

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Golden Grid System is a fluid-width grid system which functions as a starting point for building responsive websites.

It splits the screen into 18 even columns where two of them are used as outer margins, leaving 16 columns for use in design. And, they can be converted (or folded) into 8 columns or 4 columns.

The folding process is accomplished by media queries and enables the website to serve good-looking pages to screens from 240 to 2560 pixels.

Golden Grid System

Normally, responsive grids using gutters proportional to the screen can display the content like "it's being squeezed" once the screen width changes. Golden Grid System has elastic gutters which always stay in proportion to the content.

The resource also has handy little script named Golden Gridlet, which helps overlaying the grid and a baseline grid of 1.5em onto the page for visually checking that everything lines up properly.

P.S. It is built by the developer of the popular Less Framework.

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