HeidiSQL – Free Front-End For MySQL & MSSQL

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Most of the MySQL users will remember MySQL-Front, a very popular database manager application which later on stopped being developed (and turned into a paid application by another team).

The developer of this application, Ansgar Becker, re-launched this project under the name HeidiSQL, it is again free + open source and improved regularly.

HeidiSQL can connect to multiple databases and besides creating/editing databases, tables, views, stored routines and triggers, it has support for scheduling events (great for regular jobs like backups).


Databases and records can be exported or imported with multiple formats and its even possible to transfer a database directly into another server.

Currently experimental but HeidiSQL can now connect and manage MSSQL databases which is awesome for anyone working with both platforms.

There are many other handy features offered like optimize/repairing tables, duplicating them or query editing with syntax highlighting.

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