How to Create a Beautiful Landing Page Fast

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There are too many WWWs, too many work-in-progress websites, too many places to get lost. Building an eye-candy landing page is a must if you aim to keep your prospective users interested and start a meaningful dialogue.

Achieve More with the Right Landing Page

Starting from here, you need to make sure you go straight to the point and use the best tools for your business purposes. For example, one is Qards, a robust WordPress visual editor crafted by Designmodo. It is intuitive and easy to use, and you can create a landing page in minutes. Literally.

Continue to read this article and you will discover how you can create a beautiful landing page fast. You will learn what Qards can do for you from A to Z. Starting with a case study in order to better showcase this design plugin and finishing with some inspiring websites built with Qards.


Step 1

Get used with the + icon from the left-corner because there’s the main menu and you will click it quite often. Now, choose the homologue button and select a pre-designed card to insert your first image and also a menu. Thumbs up!


Step 2

Now, let’s introduce some features of the product you’re promoting on this landing page. Choose Feature from the menu and select one layout that fits your needs. You can completely edit it: add or remove text, insert a big and eye-candy image and you’re already crafting a cool visual story.


Step 3

Share some relevant info about the product you’re about to showcase. Click again the + symbol, but this time go with the Text button. Once again, you can choose from a wide range of pre-designed cards so make sure you test several ones. The great part is that you can easily duplicate blocks of content if, for example, you want to promote different assets of the product. As simple as that.


Step 4

Furthermore, insert an interactive cover for your story. You can upload a catchy video by simply copy-pasting the YouTube link. People love to watch them in order to better understand the story behind the scenes. Just click Cover from the menu and choose the best pre-designed card for what you aim to achieve.


Step 5

Another option you can take advantage of is right at the Feature button. Let people know about some interesting details of your product by selecting the right pre-designed card. As you can see, Qards gives you a lot of creative freedom and opportunities as well.


Step 6

Moreover, you can play with the entire grid of the landing page. Select the + icon and then feel free to test everything from the Grid button. Don’t forget that everything is editable: from colors to pictures, from fonts to content. Play as much as you feel like.


Step 7

Next, grab more attention by uploading some images. You can choose from a variety of styles and patterns by simply clicking on the menu and then on the Image button. I bet you will find at least one solution that fits your project.


Step 8

Let’s play again with the Grid and choose another pre-designed card in order to promote the product in different ways. Insert HD quality images and let people admire them. Add some insightful content and the job is almost done.

Step 9

Make sure they don’t leave your landing page at the end of the journey by giving them a suitable subscription form. Click on the +, select Subscribe and choose from the pre-designed cards. Call to actions have worked since ever, right?

Step 10

Admire your creative work by having the big pic in front of your eye. Click on the full view button and make sure everything is in the right place. Imagine you’re building a puzzle: every single piece needs to be in only one spot to create the perfect framework. Congrats, you did it!

Now that you’re familiar with the entire process of using Qards, move on and read the best features provided by this visual editor. All of them could be translated not only in benefits or assets, but also in creative paths to follow in order to achieve great results. So, here’s a summary to keep in mind when using Qards:

  • Pre-designed cards, all of them eye-candy;
  • Typekit integration because typography can lift your visual story
  • Catchy and interactive backgrounds such as YouTube videos
  • Drag & Drop builder to make sure you work fast and efficient
  • SEO friendly to conquer Google’s heart and ranking
  • Cache ready for W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache
  • Flexible in terms of editing almost any item, from content to colors, from favicon to images

All in all, Qards could be your friend in the journey of building stunning landing pages, no matter for whom. From restaurants to bloggers, from bike shops to NGOs, all of them can start having an active online presence with Qards next to them.

Here are some examples of websites built with Qards. Thanks to Qards they were created in minutes.

Make the best out of Qards and begin now this challenging rollercoaster. You will have a lot of fun and obtain amazing end results at the same time. Start now!Advertisements:
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