Must-Have Tools For Prototyping and Creating Mobile Apps

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Are you currently on the lookout for the best available resources to help you craft websites, web apps, and mobile apps? If you’re like most web designers and web developers, then you must have a defined sense of what your favorite app builders, wireframing and prototyping tools are, so far. However, we both know that there’s always a chance you might stumble upon better alternatives to the tools you’ve been using. Check out my updated list of competent solutions for prototyping and app creation.


If you like to stay away from coding, and still do a great job, then you’re an ‘Apper’. This nickname addresses web designers who create beautiful web and mobile apps, without dealing with technical tasks, which take up a lot of time and kill the joy of designing unique projects. Hence, IGenApps Inc. takes the lead in my top favorite app creation tools, with Apper. Apper is an amazing DIY platform that makes it easy to forge, distribute, and publish mobile apps for any of your customers.

The web apps made here can be very similar to native apps. In addition, I feel confident that you will adore Apper’s fantastic URL feature, which instantly adapts your app to the device it is displayed on. In other words, the UI/UX is automatically scaled to be perfectly accommodated by Windows phone, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android. For the modest price of $4.99/month, Apper continues to adapt and host your app, for an unlimited period of time.


Siberian CMS

Siberian CMS is the striking image of dear old WordPress. This resource counts very high in my preferences, because it leaves coding out of the question, not to mention that it enables users to drag-and-drop modules and rapidly customize a gorgeous app. Even more importantly, Siberian CMS functions on premises, and empowers web designers with two commercial versions that helps them launch their own app business.

Install Siberian CMS on your server, and take comfort in knowing that you’ve acquired an open-source tool. Since you’re always the sole possessor of the source code for your app, your ownership status can never be questioned. As I previously mentioned, you can also use Siberian CMS as the stepping stone of your very own online app building platform. The one-time price of circa $250 will unlock either of the two fabulous commercial versions from Siberian CMS.



There is no way you haven’t heard about InVision by now! I’m sure I’m not the only one who classed it as a top three resource when it comes to making aesthetically balanced prototypes. InVision is free to use by any creative professional who needs to rely on a design-oriented tool to prototype. To this day, 400K users and well-known companies like Adobe, Getty Images, and LinkedIn, have chosen to work with it. As any of them will confess, InVision provides an ideal setting to collaborate on designs, create prototypes, and share active projects.

InVision is unique, as it supports integration with software like Photoshop, Sketch, etc. Thus, prototypes made here will always have the appearance that you decide for them. Test the UX of your app in any imaginable way, and present it to your clients at any point.



I had the chance to try out many different cloud-based platforms, but in all honesty, HotGloo is one of the most accomplished wireframe UX prototyping resources. Its editor is such a breeze. Besides, HotGloo is at your service with a huge wireframe widget library. Work on your prototype by yourself, or with your colleagues, then save any version and send preview links to your clients. And finally, remember that HotGloo makes a lot of difference if you are wireframing for desktop, tablet and mobile, because your prototype will be responsive to each of these venues.

If I’m right, then has anything a designer might ask for from a prototype creation platform that exempts her/him from coding. For instance, this tool has a clever drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, users can easily import their own design assets, or take their pick from iOS, Android, and Windows phone UI elements, instead. Plus, thousands of preset icons are available, too. Not to mention that’s wicked awesome animations will help you make interactive prototypes. That you can share via short URLs, or on the native player apps of iOS and Android devices.



Many of my friends turned to AppMachine for more than one app crafting project, and all of them, without exception, praised this platform – along with the fact that it didn’t charge anything during the actual building process. Users only pay when they’re publishing to stores. AppMachine is your tool of choice for creating native and web apps. In the very beginning, you receive 35 pre-coded blocks, and you can also connect to web services, import data, and use CustomJS to add code and new features.



Ever had the pleasure of working with Justinmind? If you haven’t, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing. This prototyping tool is a complete solution that helps users make high-fidelity wireframes for mobile, web, and more. In addition, Justinmind has pre-designed cards and patterns for Google Glass apps, and a valuable library stacked with menus, inputs, and controls specifically for creating mockups of apps meant for Windows 8.



How about Yapp? I am very fond of this platform, because it offers its services for free, and so enables web designers, as well as people who are unfamiliar with design and development, to build any type of mobile apps with great ease. Yapp is complete with native mobile features, and you can publish your app in just a matter of seconds.



PowerMockup is the right tool for making superb slideshow presentations of your wireframe.  If you have Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, or 2013, then consider using this add-on for PowerPoint. That’s right, PowerMockup is not a conventional wireframing lab. You can use it to build a slideshow that you clients really understand, by using the large library with wireframe stencils and icons. Also, you can give shape to new stencils, using regular PowerPoint tools, and then include them in your library.



I would like to bring another superb resource to your attention. Mippin has a prodigy app creation platform named App Factory, which is licensed for some of the most popular handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Feel free to use this App Factory to come up with ravishing mobile apps in a very short space of time.

POP is the acronym of Prototyping on Paper, and it’s a marvelous platform that helps people give shape to fantastic mobile apps without the least amount of effort. POP caters to everyone’s needs, and its retinue of users spans from entrepreneurs, ad agencies, designers, and students.



In some cases, it’s better to reach out to more task-specific resources. Take MobBase, for instance. This tool would be an ideal means to build apps if the client is a band, DJ, radio station, or a record label – anything that draws in throngs of fans. Long story short, MobBase will give you a proper environment to build, launch, and manage apps for iPhones, Androids, and the mobile web at large.


Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an incredibly popular mobile app and game builder. You probably stumbled across this magnificent platform, too. The first benefit of working with this tool is that you can do that for free. Secondly, Appy Pie is very user-friendly, and will allow you to craft app destined for Windows 8 Phone, Android and iPhone – faster than you can say ‘pie’.



As my list of advanced app creation and prototyping tools is drawing to an end, I need to mention one more platform that sparked my interest, as I’m sure it will spark yours, too. SwebApps is a creative and inexpensive resource that anyone can reach for in order to create fabulous mobile apps in a split second.



Finally, I saved the best for last: if you need to set up apps for Android and iPhone devices, then it might interest you to learn that iBuildApp now sports a huge discount of 40% for all the available plans, which means that the attractive Business package is now priced at $23.40/month, and billed annually.


I hope that you managed to find precious new information as you went through my updated list of tools for wireframing, prototyping and app creation. This article only encased the best and most proficient resources on the present-day market, and yet it is up to you to discern which of them would cater to your individual needs.Advertisements:
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