Muti-Project Software Forge With PHP: InDefero

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InDefero is an open source software forge application, built with PHP, that enables anyone to create a multi-project Google Code/Sourceforge-like system to manage their codes.

It eases tracking bugs, providing downloads, documentation and having an easy overview of the code base both for you & your team.

PHP Forge Software: InDefero

Also, it makes communicating with the user-base possible which is vital for a healthy development process.

InDefero has other powerful features like:

  • every user has their personal dashboards
  • code browser with git, Subversion & Mercurial support
  • project timeline
  • powerful search engine
  • diff visualization of the commits
  • inline display of text files from the repository with syntax highlighting
  • & much more..

It requires a webserver supporting PHP as module or fast-cgi & PostgreSQL, SQLite or MySQL 4.1+ as the database to run.

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