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EasyImg, to mention at first, is a very different kind of web service which can be very powerful under the creative hands.

It is a highly customizable web-based graphics engine that enables anyone to insert "instantly created custom images" to their websites.

EasyImg - Sample

How it works?

EasyImg works by sending a formatted query to the service as the source of an image. An example will describe it better:

<img src="http://images.easyimg.com/fd592fce/h-60/w-480/bw-2/r-15/bc-e0dede/fc-fcfbdc/c-fc2671/font-Tahoma/size-30/banner.png?text=WRD Test Banner" />

will return:

EasyImg Test


  • fd592fce = is the token for my account
  • h-60 = height is 60px
  • w-480 = width is 480px
  • bw-2 = border width is 2px
  • and you can possibly guess the rest easily..

Besides the standard image properties, it is possible to use various fonts, rotate the final image, add gradients & more.

And, as it doesn’t use any JavaScript or CSS hack, it is totally compatible with any browser.

EasyImg can be set to re-create the image every time it is called or use caching for faster usage.

Also, it is not a must to host every image generated at the system. They can be downloaded as a single ZIP file anytime.

Where can I use it?

Primarily, it is a great fit to be used in websites where images must/can be customized like:

  • users customizing the look & feel of their accounts (you may need to create rounded corners with different colors)
  • usage of rotation
  • usage of custom fonts
  • no image editing software (ideal for customers who are not into webdesign but want to update the look of websites – can be integrated into CMSs)

And, it is a perfect fit for special cases like dynamic barcode generation (just use the barcode font).

EasyImg LogoEasyImg comes with different plans where a free one exists as well.

You can see how powerful it can be with the options it offers & from the samples. Or, you can play with the online canvas.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

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