On-Site Tweeting Widget: Like It? Tweet It!

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Like It? Tweet It! is a jQuery-powered Twitter widget that enables visitors to tweet about your page from a chic box appearing at the corner of you web page.

It includes the URL of your website in it and users can fill something personal besides that.

The widget uses the @anywhere API of Twitter which already has such a ready-to-use feature but simpler and less customizable.

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Like It? Tweet It!

Like It? Tweet It! is installed by simply inserting a line of JavaScript and adding the function which call the widget (jQuery must already be inserted).

After that, the widget can be customized with several options like:

  • changing various text used
  • choosing an animation type (fade, slide or no animation)
  • URL of the custom CSS file (optional)
  • whether the widget will be displayed as a pop-up or not
  • and more..

There is also a plugin for WordPress users for an instant setup.

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