Open Source Website Analytics: Piwik (And Tools To Empower It)

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Piwik is an open source website analytics application which provides detailed statistics about visitors, keywords, pages & more in real-time.

It can be installed on an any PHP-MySQL compatible webserver & the rest works similar to Google Analytics; inserting the tracking codes into the websites we want to track.


One installation of Piwik can track unlimited number of websites which is great for web design companies who would prefer to offer a branded/customized solution to their customers.

Also, the user interface is fully customizable: you can drag and drop the widgets you want to display and create a report especially tailored to you.

The application is built around plugins which means it is possible to add/remove features easily.

Its open API makes integrations with 3rd party software possible. And, here are 2 desktop applications that use this API to bring Piwik to your desktop:

Desktop Web Analytics

Piwik Desktop Web Analytics

This is an Adobe AIR based software (multi-platform) which brings most of the featues of Piwik to the desktop.

It is multilingual (uses the language files of Piwik) & currently in alpha stage.

Piwik Connector

Piwik Connector

Piwik Connector is also an Adobe AIR based software which can show you short statistics from one or more installations of Piwik.

Considering Piwik works real-time, the application displays the statistics in real-time as well.

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