PageLime: Simple CMS Which Integrates With Your Websites And Business

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For web designers who frequently build new websites for clients, managing the content can be a headache:

  • no CMS is used and you may need to edit the content manually
  • the CMS can be complicated for the client
  • or, maybe the worst, the CMS you're using is outdated, has bugs, frequently requires updates, etc. (and you have to update it in many websites)

PageLime LogoPageLime is an impressive CMS service which is so simple to use (both for the designer and client) + instantly integrates with your websites and business.

You can create websites how you used to and just add a special class: cms-editable to the parts that you want to be edited like text, images or links.


The pages are edited with live-previews and, besides simple editable regions, you can control more like:

  • repeating-regions (where you can duplicate and move up/down items quickly)
  • multi-level navigations
  • server-side include files

It allows you to control any number of websites from the same interface with a permission-based multi-user interface where you can define "who can edit which website".

PageLime keeps track of every action you (or your client) make and you can restore a previously saved version of a page with a click.

The application is not only about editing, it connects to your website through an FTP account and enables you to create new pages too. And, pages can be created from your pre-defined templates (like product page, content page, etc.).

PageLime Edit Bubbles

It includes a smart image manager where you won't require an image editing application any more as it is possible to sharpen, resize, adjust colors, and apply effects to photos right from the web interface.

Another nice feature that your clients will love is the ability to reach the Google Analytics stats inside the panel which makes the application a complete package.

It is multilanguage, brandable (white label) and resellable

Like said, PageLime tightly integrates with your business as well.

You can brand the application and define a CNAME record so it'll work under your domain name and, as a result, your clients will be controlling their websites from an easy-to-use application that looks and feels like a service of yours.

And, you can charge your clients for using the service. You just setup your price and that's all, PageLime handles the billing, notifications, etc.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

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