Powerful Video Encoding Platform: Panda

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With the rise of HTML5, formats like H.264 or OGG is being used much more everyday besides the well-known FLV (and yes, there is HD too).

In order to be compatible with every device and browser, you may need to serve multiple formats of the same video (like Youtube or Vimeo does).

And, with new videos being uploaded every minute, this can be a complex situation.

Panda Process

Panda is an online platform that enables you to convert videos into multiple formats in the cloud.

With a REST-based API, the platform not only helps encoding the videos, but the uploading process as well.

How Does It Work?

It is actually pretty simple and you can be up & going within hours (including the uploading and encoding of them).

  1. create a form on your site which includes the provided Flash file upload component
  2. user starts uploading the video (Panda displays a progress bar) and, once uploaded, it is added to the encoding queue
  3. Panda submits you the ID of the video being encoded and puts it to your S3 bucket + updates you back when it is completed
  4. That's it, you're ready to stream.

Panda StreamThe platform offers ready to use codes for integration like a jQuery client uploader, PHP, Python libraries and a gem for Ruby.

Rather than pricing the service on a per-video basis, Panda provides you a dedicated cloud where you can encode an unlimited number of videos.

It is currently in public beta and free during this period. After that, a dedicated cloud of any size can be chosen depending on the processing power required.

P.S. This is a sponsored post.

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