Professional PHP E-Commerce System: CS-Cart

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CS-Cart LogoCS-Cart is a complete shopping cart application that can quickly enable any business to start selling online whether it is a single-product shop or a complete marketplace.

The application uses Ajax in many parts to ease usage and offers an overall smart logic for a better shopping experience like one-page checkout, featured/related products for cross selling and many more.

CS-Cart is installed with the help of a web-based installer and products/categories can be defined so fast as it supports bulk uploading of products/categories/images or importing/exporting any data from CSVs.


It supports unlimited (and nested) categories where products can be assigned to more than one of them.

The product is integrated with 50+ payment gateways (from payment processors to online systems) and all major shipping providers to get real-time shipping rates.

There are many tools provided to help selling/promoting products including:

  • promotions (get the 2nd product 50% off, free shipping or reward points system)
  • gift certificates
  • gift registry (users can create lists for weddings, birthdays, etc.)
  • built-in affiliate system

SEO is also taken good care of with SEO-friendly URLS, custom meta keywords for products, categories or content pages, auto-sitemap generation and more.

CS-Cart Frontend

It has a powerful admin panel to manage the whole system, analyze the statistics of the store or contact the customers (newsletters, customer care center).

Customizing CS-Cart is pretty easy too. You can either choose from a gallery of 40+ templates or create a totally new one (uses Smarty).

The shop is multilingual (already translated to 8 languages) and new languages can be added by simply creating language files.

CS-Cart is really an impressive e-commerce system which actually offers much more from sales of digital goods to advanced stock management or SMS notifications to an integrated database backup-restore tool (make sure you check the demo).

The application is built with PHP, uses MySQL for storing data and it is open source which is great for developers to customize it further.

P.S. This post is a sponsored review.

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