Prototyping Tools for Websites and Mobile Apps

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Not every designer loves prototyping but it is a huge part of the creative process. Learning how to prototype on paper can be a great start, but it’s not always the easiest method. Software and webapps have been created to make the process easier for wireframing interfaces and drafting prototypes or storyboards digitally.

Take a look at these tools and see if anything catches your attention. Getting started with prototyping is much easier than you would think! Just like any skill it requires patience and lots of practice. Some of these products are free while others offer a free demo/trial account. But even if you don’t like prototyping on a computer you can always go back to drafting on paper.

Frame Box

framebox lightweight wireframing tool


online webapp moqups prototyping tool

wireframe cc wireframing prototyping tool


just in mind free prototyping tool

iPhone Mockup

webapp online prototyping iphone mockup

Balsamiq Mockups

balsamiq open source wireframing tool mockup


gridbooks prototyping sketchbooks website

UI Stencils

ui stencils product listing prototyping

Paper Browser

paper browser webapp tools resource


axure interactive prototyping wireframing tool


jumpchart website planning wireframing tool


gliffy online diagram wireframing webapp


mockflow open source wireframing tool


invision webapp prototyping wireframe tool

Mockup Plus

mockup plus wireframing sketching tool


gridset prototyping wireframing online tool webapp

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