Quick Website Sketching With Paper Browser

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Every web designer can follow a different route when sketching the output. It can be an image in the mind, created with a software, drawn with hand on a paper, etc.

Whatever your choice is and even if paper sketching is not your best option, it can still be needed for anyone (while discussing with a client, sketching offline and instantly..).

Paper Browser

Paper Browser is a set of PDF files that look like a browser which can be used for sketching easily once they are printed.

There are 2 different sets:

  • Quick sketch: proportionally scaled to 1024×768px and subdivided into width sections (800, 960, 1024)
  • Browser sketch: canvas is 1024×768px minus the height of the browser toolbar and status bar with 32*32px grids.

They both come with landscape and portrait versions.

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