Simple & Nice MooTools Slideshow Plugin: Floom

Post pobrano z: Simple & Nice MooTools Slideshow Plugin: Floom

Floom is a MooTools slideshow plugin that can present images & their captions beautifully.

It displays them with a blind-effect & a chic loader that shows when the next image will be shown.

MooTools Slideshow Plugin

The plugin has various options like:

  • defining the number of blinds between transitions
  • slideshow interval
  • loader on/off
  • captions on/off

To mention, Floom is not a complicated script, rather, it is a lightweight (4kb compressed) one with very few features (just auto-slides images) which is sometimes "what is needed".

P.S. The download link in the website, currently, has a typo. You can use this address until it is fixed.

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