SlideshowBox Giveaway – Winners Announced

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Last week, a post at WRD was announcing the giveaway of 5 premium SlideshowBox licenses to WRD readers.

The winners are selected and can be found at the end of this post. But before that, let's remember:

What is SlideshowBox?

It is a complete kit for creating many different types of image galleries using JavaScript and/or Flash.

SlideshowBox comes with 24 templates with many variants of each from 3D to polaroid and simple to complicated ones.

SlideshowBox Grid

All the galleries use a similar XML file as the data source which makes it possible to switch between galleries within minutes.

The galleries can be customized with the help of variables (speed of the slideshows, background images ,etc.) or a much easier way would be using the SlideshowBox online panel which helps you to customize the galleries quickly.

To try the templates, check the  demo page which features all the slideshows.

And the winners:

Here they are:

  • C Klemp (comment #165843)
  • Seppe Gadeyne (comment #166693)
  • @syber (Twitter user)
  • @egeozcan (Twitter user)
  • Edgar Valdés (comment #166398)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks very much to everyone for joining.

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