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2015 kick-starts with a surging trend for websites that sport a large video or image background, and continues in the tradition of fancy typefaces and fonts for WordPress users. This year, we can expect WP themes to introduce some new techniques for extracting dominant colors from backgrounds, responsive image re-sizing, and quick loading.

As for type kits, you won’t find any shortage of options. Before Google Fonts started handing out beautiful fonts for free, only wealthy WP projects got their share of splendid typography. But now, the cost associated with beautiful type kits is no longer divorced from reality. Even further, they are often part of the deal with any well-designed WP theme.

WP Themes that Offer the Best There Is

Web design has been undergoing serious changes, of late. Thus, responsive design is now a frequent occurrence, instead of a roaring trend. Besides, web designers now have a clear path to the front office, thanks to platforms and themes that provide clean code, and valuable shortcodes to facilitate various functions for a website.

The real challenge in 2015 is knowing which WP theme has the most to offer. In January, I would stop at nothing to recommend unified solutions that pack up as much functionality as possible. So, stay with me and get all the details of an expansive and truly rewarding phenomenon in web design.

X Theme – A Pioneer

I wouldn’t waste your time to go on and on about a regular theme, which helps build client websites on WordPress. The theme I’m about to mention has an impeccable record, starting from its fast selling course on ThemeForest and continuing with the standing ovations that thousands of customers have already extended after discovering the many uses of X Theme.

Initially, the complete designs otherwise known as Stacks were launched and they have been extremely well received by web designers. There are four of them, with more rumored to appear anytime now: Integrity, Icon, Renew, and Ethos. A Stack helps users create a certain kind of website: rigorous business venues with Integrity, photography and visual-centric sites with Ethos, blogs and minimalist websites with Icon, and anything drawing on refreshingly flat design with Renew. Over 30 demos exemplify the use for every Stack, and a series of explanatory videos tutor you in making the best of them, on the go.

X Theme has matured to version 3.0, and it has another surprise in store for us – a bigger one, this time. Presently, you get more than diverse styling, navigation, and layout options, plus a live preview feature for your studio to cut the story short. You get more than 40 shortcodes and 600 Google Fonts with all their weights and styles. This time, Themeco introduced Extensions.

Extensions: Innovative Plugins from Themeco

If I or anyone else were to search for a premium WordPress plugin, we’d soon get lost in a price range of $50 to $200. Let’s face it, they’re rather expensive when we’re dealing with small budgets. Besides, their inconvenience stretches beyond the financial argument. When you’re racing against the clock to complete different client projects, the last thing you can spare is more time in order to search for individual plugins.

Knowing this, Themeco found a way to quench your thirst for varied website functionality – one that doesn’t hinder website performance. It created extensions – some of them recognizable, but the vast majority brand new. The dozen or so extensions don’t impact your finances – at least not in the bad way. At a total value of $1000 that is GIFTWRAPPED, I don’t see how they could make matters worse. Validate a unique purchase of X Theme, and you get all of them (now and in the future), along with automatic lifetime updates.

‘Please, do come in’

You want that sentence to echo through the mind of every passer-by happening to land on your homepage. Hence, you have to make sure that your sign-up forms look sharp, and pay attention to every detail. When this situation arises, there’s nothing like a solid MailChimp integration to turn things around.

X Theme created a unique extension, whereby you can subscribe users to a MailChimp emailing list – but most importantly, customize beautiful sign-up forms, and place them somewhere on your website with a widget, shortcode, or template function.

‘You might want to see this’

This phrase marks another great function that you could integrate in your website. Mark my words, this extension from Themeco is going to take your marketing and content offers to a whole new level. Activate Content Dock, choose a text widget, and use shortcodes. Now you can introduce your website users to appealing yet subtly presented offers.

The Dock is engineered to stop working under 767px, so as not to obscure the view of primary content, or worse – lose the closing button. However, it will operate with fantastic results on larger displays.

‘We value your feedback’

If you’ve got a great web page, then that quality should first of all reflect in your members’ reactions. Compliment your website content with a comment system that invites people to communicate with you and with each other – and turn it on all sides if they wish. It builds a sense of community, and allows you to gather precious feedback.

If you can somehow link those comments to social media, all the better. That would make your website more popular than anything. Facebook comments is a wonderful extension included with X Theme that allows you to easily set up and manage this type of comments.


‘Oops, we’re sorry’

Sometimes it’s better to extend apologies, even if you didn’t do anything wrong. You may actually be working to improve some aspects of your website, but all your regular users will perceive is the frustration of staring at a blank page, when they should have gotten through to your web page.

The Under construction extension from X Theme allows you to notify visitors of the situation, and reveal more information via a countdown timer, or links to your profile on various social networks. Besides, you can also throw a calm or cheerful background image in the mix.


‘Feast your eyes’

Finally, I need to say a few words about the fabled Revolution Slider, which Themeco took care to include in the offer, along with a few other third-party but tuned-up plugins for WordPress. This one allows you to set up content slides, and use transition effects such as parallax, zoom, 3D, or fade-and-slide.

All-Inclusive Themes Are in Town

There can be no question about it, web designers would really benefit from working with far-reaching solutions like X Theme. You’ve seen for yourself what it’s truly capable of, now that the new 3.0 version has unlocked powerful extensions. Better yet, why not take front seats for Themeco’s new groove? Go ahead, join the flourishing community over at X Theme, and you’ll be among the firsts to know about exciting new features.

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