Take a Look at The Best Tools And Resources for Web Professionals

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It’s clear that there’s an abundance of tools and resources for web developers and graphic and web designers out there. However, finding the best ones is not always the easiest of tasks. To that end, we’ve looked around for the most useful tools and resources we could find and compiled a list for you.
1. Stamplia

As a designer, handling clients can prove to be very stressful at times. Issues appear because the client didn’t give you a clear description of what they want, decided they want one thing after asking for something completely different or asked for something that can’t be done. By selling your email through the Stamplia Marketplace, you can forget all about issues like that. This marketplace allows you to gain a steady revenue from your designs without the added hassle of dealing with clients. This way, you are free to explore your creativity and create elegant, professional designs. In addition to this, Stamplia offers you the Stamplia Builder that allows you to create email templates easier than ever before. You can create your design by dragging and dropping the elements you need and reviewing them with the live previewer. When you’re finished, the builder makes sure your template is fully responsive and compatible with the most popular email providers like Mailchimp, SendGrid or Campaign Monitor. Join the Stamplia community right now and enjoy all the benefits.

2. Notism

Discussing visual content is essential in any line of work that involves advertising, media, design or architecture. With Notism you can experience a different kind of communication both internally, with your team members and externally, with clients and shareholders. This platform enables you to comment and add sketches in real time right to your work, create prototypes and manage project development by adding tasks. If tracking client feedback has been a hassle for you too, you should know Notism will help you eliminate it forever. You can say goodbye to scattered emails or hand notes that easily get lost and replace them with a neater way to stay organized. Users will also be able to turn static screens into interactive prototypes for web and mobile projects. And if you decide to upload more than one version of your work, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between versions at any time.

3. Fire Checkout

The new checkout extension for websites running on Magento will make website admins’ work a lot easier and provide customers with the best user experience they could wish for! By installing Fire Checkout 2.0, you will create a cool and responsive checkout page that will look and work impeccable both on desktop and mobile devices. Being fully AJAX based, all checkout fields will be easily updated without having to reload the page. You can set up default shipping and payment methods and keep your registered customers happy with just a one-click checkout process needed because the checkout layout is fully customizable. Up to five custom fields can be placed on the checkout page and there’s even the possibility of adding an option for specifying the desired delivery date of your customer. This must-have extension will make your store unique for every visitor and offer them a satisfying, trouble-free shopping experience. Moreover, Fire Checkout is now available in 11 languages, so make sure you get your hands on this awesome extension as soon as possible.

4. Pintastic – Pinboard Social network script

Pintastic is a clowning software that will allow you to have your very own pinning website in the shortest amount of time possible. Pintastic is a great way to create communities and the newest release, Pintastic 4.0, comes with over 40 modules that will help you create them successfully. One of the most popular modules is the Marketplace Script module that enables you to turn your Pintastic based website into an online business via the social marketplace script. By enabling this module, your users will be able to buy and sell the items they’re pinning easily. It provides you with an awesome way to monetize your website. You can further extend this functionality by adding the Auction module and enabling eBay style auctions on your website. There’s really no limit to how much you can do with Pintastic. Get it now for your business and watch as it helps you turn your hobbies into a profitable enterprise.

5. actiTIME

Time planning and organizational skills are essential in any business, whether we’re talking about a small team or a big firm. actiTIME is a powerful time tracking software that offers you detailed information about your staff performance and time spent on past projects. This information helps you plan resources and time better, leading to higher team performance and a stronger business. Used by clients all over the world, actiTIME will accurately calculate your projects’ cost and your staff’s salary. It will even help you with issuing invoices and overtime control. And the awesome features don’t stop here.. You’ll be able to review all the necessary data via the powerful reporting tools to better plan future projects. The automated email notifications you’ll have at your disposal will enable you to control the time reporting process and remind you about any pending or unfilled tasks.

6. actiPLANS

With actiPLANS you’ll be able to forget about spreadsheets for tracking your employees’ sick leaves and time off. This ingenious tool will automate  the entire leave time management process. . actiPLANS is suitable both for big corporations where monitoring leaves can be truly stressful and small teams, especially since it’s free for up to 5 user accounts. actiPLANS is very flexible, so it will easily adapt to your unique needs. The accurate leave time planning completely eliminates the need to send emails back and forth in order to request and approve time off. Instead, this process will now only require one click. In addition, with actiPLANS managers will be able to clearly assess their available resources and make a realistic work plan. This leave time management software   will save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are made from calculating attendance.

7. IconBeast – 3000+ iOS icons

IconBeast offers you a collection of 3000+ iOS icons that will fit in seamlessly with your design. What’s more, the icons from IconBeast will work just as well with web applications or even Android apps. These icons have been designed and engineered in grid so you can rest assured that they’ll always be pixel perfect. All icons from IconBeast come in PNG, Vector AI, Vector EPS, SVG and PSD. Also, these icons are available in active (fill) state as well. Take a look at what IconBeast has to offer and rest assured that they will work wonders for your future projects. IconBeast’s use license is simple and straight-forward, after you purchase the icons you’re free to use them or modify them as you see fit in any kind of project, public or private. If you are not ready to purchase IconBeast Pro ($75), then get the free version first at IconBeast Lite.

8. PowerMockup

PowerMockup, the add-on that turns PowerPoint into a wireframe tool, is used by thousands of professionals around the globe: Intel, Amazon, Samsung and even Microsoft. With a wide variety of useful features and an intuitive interface, PowerMockup will help in your work immensely. The wide range of user interface elements and icons will allow you to easily create prototypes for mobile, web, and desktop applications. With this user friendly add-on you’ll be able to create your own elements with the standard PowerPoint shapes and sketch user interface ideas within minutes. Due to the library’s extensibility you’ll be able to add your stencils and export them to a single file whenever you want to share them with your team. With hundreds of templates, control and icons all you’ll have to do to create a wireframe is drag and drop everything in the PowerPoint slide. But don’t take our word for it. Go and convince yourself of PowerMockup’s intuitive and strong controls.

9. Getsy – Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

Getsy is a marketplace software that will allow you to set up your very own online marketplace easily. Getsy is the best Etsy clone software money can buy. It will help you create a multi vendor marketplace with all the necessary features in no time. Among these features you will find: built-in service cart, price tags with multi-currency support, groups and permissions facility, PayPal Integration and more. All these seemingly small features help you create a robust and well-rounded website that your users will be very happy about. With Getsy you’re sure to create the perfect socially driven marketplace. Your users will easily interact with each other, set up stores, rate buyers and sellers and communicate either by instant chat or messages. Turning your hobby into a flourishing business has never been this easy.

10. Argento Template

Are you ready to take your Magento-powered website to the next level? Are you looking for a theme that you can customize to your own liking, without having to sacrifice functionality? If so, then you need to know about the Argento template. Argento has a responsive template and will scale itself in order to fit any browser width and screen resolution, so you can rest assured that your online store will look fantastic every time someone visits it. Even your mobile customers will have a thoroughly satisfactory browsing experience, as Argento was especially created to work on iOS, Android and Blackberry. This highly customizable theme will allow you to override not only CSS styles, but also templates and layout files; you will be able to easily manage banners, pop-up windows and preferred custom blocks in a short period of time. Moreover, Argento is solely designed with CSS sprite techniques so as to reduce the number of https requests. Other features provided by Argento that you will be happy to find out about are high SEO ranking, advanced Magento search suggest which you’ll get right out of the box and Nivo slider animation options ready for implementation.Advertisements:
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