TN3 Gallery Giveaway – Winners Announced

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The giveaway of 5 Pro licenses of TN3 Gallery, a highly flexible jQuery plugin for creating image galleries, has ended today and the winners are selected.

In case this is the first time you hear about this impressive plugin, here is a quick snapshot of its features:

What is TN3 Gallery?

This jQuery plugin allows us to create image galleries with multiple albums easily.

It can create thumbnails automatically (on the server-side with a PHP script), position these thumbnails vertically or horizontally and enables us to browse image by simply clicking on them.

TN3 Gallery

Other browsing options include prev-next buttons, mouse-wheel + keyboard support, auto-slideshow and bullet-type-of-navigation.

It can use XML as the data source that is a useful feature for integration with 3rd party softwares, can display Flickr images, has a powerful API and much more.

The winners

The random query is ran and here are the 5 lucky winners:

  • Lustucru (comment #353739)
  • Wai (comment #353772)
  • André Gonçalves (comment #353803)
  • Kevin Thomas (comment #358316)
  • Lucky (comment #354314)


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