Top Fireworks Tutorials for Web Design

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Even though Adobe has officially discontinued Fireworks it still remains a very popular tool for UI design. Creative Cloud includes Fireworks CS6 as part of the bundle and it should be supported for a least a couple more years. Thus learning Fireworks can be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to mockup design and wireframing. These tutorials are aimed at complete beginners who want to bring Fireworks into their typical web design workflow.

Fireworks UI

intro to fireworks ui


fireworks wireframing how to

Mood Boards

moodboards web design fireworks

Vectorize Elements

howto vector design fireworks

Design Tools

video design tools fireworks

Fireworks for Web Design

basics of fireworks webdesign tutorial

jQuery Mobile in FW

fireworks for jquery mobile ui

Fireworks Design Workflow

fireworks workflow for web design

Brushed Metal Effect

brushed metal icloud icon fireworks

3D Text

3d text effect fireworks

Complex Vector Shapes

complex vector shapes fireworks

SVG with Fireworks

svg graphics in fireworks

Interactive Prototypes

interactive prototypes fireworks

Rocketship Icon

rocket ship icon fireworks

Fireworks Style Guide

fireworks howto design style guide

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