Tutorials for Learning Google Material Design

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Android Lollipop has become the standard method of design for smartphones powered by Google’s OS. This design follows the popular flat techniques to a T with slight drop shadows, but almost no gradients or bevels. It’s an easy technique to master but difficult to gain momentum.

These tutorials can teach even a complete novice how to design Android interfaces in Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator.

Tuts+ Material Intro

google material design introduction

Getting Started

getting started android material

Android Toolbar

material design toolbar

Floating Button

floating button ui design

Flat Tabs

flat android tabs tutorial

Sliding Nav

sliding drawer nav ui

Materialize CSS Framework

css materialize framework

Polymer Chat App

material polymer chat app

Lollipop Resources

free material lollipop resources

Free Swatches & Palettes

free swatches color palettes material design

Material Shadows

material design shadows tutorial

Material Design in Sketch

material design sketch tutorial

Sketch Android App Design

android apps in sketch howto

PS & AI Material Design

photoshop illustrator material design

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