Very Simple & Tiny Lightboxing: Lightbox_me

Post pobrano z: Very Simple & Tiny Lightboxing: Lightbox_me

Lightbox_me is a jQuery lightbox plugin that doesn't come with many features but simply enables you to lightbox any element. And, it is only 1kb compressed.

It can position the modal box smartly in every situation whether the windows is resized or the window is smaller than the modal.

jQuery Lighbox_me

The plugin has various options like defining:

  • the effect used while appearing
  • the speed of the overlaying process
  • lightbox being closed with the escape button and/or when clicked on the overlay
  • CSS class names and styles

To sum up, Lightbox_me is very functional for anyone who doesn't need features like image/video gallery support but only a simple and good-looking lightbox.

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