Videola – Open Source Video Management And Delivery Platform

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Today, videos are a significantly large part of the internet content. Not only websites like Youtube or Vimeo but services like Netflix or Hulu and much more support this rise.

Videola, an open source video management and delivery platform built on Drupal, can easily help creating a video-based website with users and even e-commerce being a part of it.


Subscription plans can be created and videos can -optionally- be streamed only to subscribed users, they can add/remove videos to the queue (like Netflix) and video analytics per subscriber can be viewed.

It is possible to show preview-images/videos to non-subscribed users and there is support for in streams advertising + branding bumpers.

For quicker access to the content, there are widgets like "similar videos" or "popular videos". Also, items can be tagged + categorized.

And, besides desktop browsers, videos can be watched in iOS and Android.

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