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Opa is a web development platform that is mostly focused on scalability, easy deployment to the cloud, security and a faster coding process to create apps.

It consists of the following which are tightly integrated into each other:

  • a new programming language
  • a new web server
  • a new database
  • a new distributed execution engine


Opa is a little different most other programming languages around considering the integrity it has. There is no need to deal with any other software, server or language (even SQL or JavaScript). Just Opa.

Out of the box, the platform has everything for scaling of storage, transactions and how they are served. It handles them automatically by using minimum resources.

Opa is currently available for Mac OS X and Linux, however, Windows support is under development. It is also very well-documented.

P.S. Although a new language usually looks hard (or unnecessary) for any developer, Opa is definitely worth checking out.

Special Downloads:
Ajaxed Add-To-Basket Scenarios With jQuery And PHP
Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

Professional XHTML Admin Template ($15 Discount With The Code: WRD.)
Psd to Xhtml
SSLmatic – Cheap SSL Certificates (from $19.99/year)

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